Writers Can Feel Accomplished – Even if their book isn’t published.

When does a writer experience a sense of accomplishment? Is it after the book is finished? How about after it’s revised? Certainly not while it’s in the querying stages, those frightful trenches that threaten to bury us. Surely, we can count on feeling accomplished when a publisher agrees to publish it, but that opens a

For Serenity

Writer-In-Motion Week 3 – Critique Partner Round This is the third week of Writer-In-Motion, where authors implement the feedback their critique partners have provided. I love working with critique partners because there is literally no way to read your own work without understanding it. There’s no way to become disengaged from the emotional connection to


CRITIQUE ETIQUETTE It is so hard to receive feedback. You’ve created this thing from scratch within the bubble of your infinite mind, and it is perfect. You’ve spent every free waking moment, and some sleepless nights, delicately adding layer upon layer intrigue and conflict. You’ve crafted, coddled, and cultivated it with the finesse of a