Illuminating the Darkness

Book 4 of the Balance Keeper Series

Every good deed comes with a price.

Why is it so hard to live a good life?

For Rhia, staying focused on mastering her gift and becoming a demon warrior, is paramount. First, though, she must escape the attention of her rescuer.

James, a Balance Keeper sworn to protect humanity from the rising demonic darkness, can’t keep his eyes off of Rhia. Complicating everything, the spark between them grows stronger. After a dangerous battle, their team comes back injured, forcing James to work closely with Rhia.

When the battle lines blur and the innocent children are the target, passions rise and individual needs should be forgone.

But knowing failure’s cost, these warriors fight to focus on the call and ignore self as they stand in the gap. With the spiritual war escalating will they fulfill their calling before all Hell breaks loose?

If you love apocalyptic battles, angelic epics and fearsome warriors, you’ll love Evie and the Balance Keepers.

Grab your copy today to find out how faithful warriors are essential in today’s time.

After the Darkness

Book 3 of the Balance Keeper Series

She has an awful secret. He is broken after his time in captivity. Can they overcome their pasts to fight the forces of evil?

James feels lost and broken after his time as a captive in Hell. Free from his torment, he wants to fight against the dark forces. Driven by the desire to avoid an eternity in the torturous underworld, he wants to overcome the mess he is inside. A loner at heart, he struggles to find his place on Evie’s team, to stand shoulder to shoulder with good people, especially when he feels so torn and rotten to his very core.

A chance meeting in a coffee shop awakens the hero in him. A brunette who raises red flags. He cannot ignore the desperate look in her eyes, but his team is tasked with holding back the surge of evil pouring out of the thinning barrier between the realms. James knows they can’t drop everything for one girl. Not when the world is at stake.

James doesn’t know where to find her, or what kind of danger she is in. All he’s certain of is he must fight his way back from the darkness, face his demons, and risk everything to save her and maybe even himself.

If you love wounded characters in need of healing love, a good comeback hero, and love found on opposite sides of the track, then you’ll love the apocalyptic battles, angelic epics, and fearsome warriors in J. L. Burrows Balance Keeper Series.

Grab your copy today to find out if some wounds really are too deep to heal.

Rulers of Darkness

Book 2 of the Balance Keeper Series

Born for battle.
Tasked with stopping Hell unleashed on Earth.
Can she defeat the demons wreaking havoc in her mind and the mortal realm?

Finally settled into the role of team leader, Evie isn’t ready for everything to fall to pieces again. But her lost teammate’s whispers haunt her nightmares.

When the torment morphs into visions by day, she begins to question if he is still alive. Or is it just a distraction? Her team is the last barrier against the rising threat of Hell unleashed upon the defenseless mortal realm. With a demon king planning the apocalyptic end of both the spiritual and physical realms, how could she not risk everything, even those she loves, to save their future?

Can Evie stop the Devil and save all planes of reality from annihilation or is this really the end of everything?

If you love apocalyptic battles, angelic epics and fearsome warriors, you’ll love J. L. Burrows.

Grab your copy today to find out if good can triumph over evil.

Hints of Darkness

Book 0 of the Balance Keepers Series

She’s some kind of sister. Will she find it in herself to help her sick brother before it’s too late?

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Hunted by Darkness

Book 1 of the Balance Keepers Series

She bears the demon’s mark. He has legions and a thousand years on her. Can she defeat him before he enslaves her?

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