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All page estimates are based on the standard: 250 words per page.

Pre-payment is accepted through PayPal. Email me to discuss payment plans, available on a case-by-case basis.

Book Coaching, Author Mentoring, and Marketing Advice

I’ve helped many authors get from page one to page done, from the beginning kernel of an idea to fleshing out each scene in the story. If you want someone to walk the walk beside you and give you advice as you go, contact me for a free 20-minute consultation. And if you like working with me, consider hiring me for your first book or your next book’s needs. It’s only $30 per 45-minute block.

Beginning authors have a ton of questions. Imagine having access to a multi-genre, award winning author who has been published in Clean Fiction Magazine, authored The Balance Keeper and Shadow Demon series, an author who spent seven years working in sales and marketing and has seventeen years in the field of teaching English.

Join me for a 20 minute video session and share your author needs, concerns, budget, and hopes for your manuscript.

Query, Synopsis, and/or First 10 Pages Critique:

  • Two-Pass Pitch Critique $5
  • Two-Pass Query Critique $10
  • Two-Pass Synopsis Critique $20
  • First 10-Pages Critique $25

Manuscript Critique

This option includes comprehensive feedback in the form of a letter. This does not include an annotated copy of the manuscript. The letter will be broken into the following categories:

  • Manuscript strengths
  • Manuscript weaknesses including anything that creates a struggle or confusion.
  • The First Five
  • Plot
  • Setting
  • Characters and POV
  • Pace
  • Final Thoughts

$6 Per 1,000 Words
Includes complimentary Query Critique

Line Editing

Line editing focuses on the grammar and spelling contained within each line in the form of an annotated copy of your manuscript. You will receive feedback on the following items:

  • Sentence Structure
  • Areas to Strengthen
  • Word Choice
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Clarity
  • Repetition

Rates are $0.015-0.05 per word depending on the work needed. Contact me for a complimentary two-page sample and quote.
Includes complimentary Query Critique.

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