Hints of Darkness

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This short story will be included in an upcoming anthology titled Hints of Darkness. To preorder, email me today through the contact me on this website.


J. L. Burrows

Hints of Darkness
Copyright © 2023 by J. L. Burrows
Published by Faith Filled Fiction
Cover and Layout copyright © 2023 by Faith Filled Fiction Publishing
Cover design by German Creative


  1. XS Lindsey


    Nice — it really explores some of the highs and lows of Evie’s emotions. And Broomhilda! Ha ha hoo ha ho!!!
    (P.S. The phrase “through the ringer”…isn’t it “through the wringer”? Asking for a friend….)

    • jlburrows


      Thank you so much! ACK! It is through the wringer. I’m headed to fix that right now. Thank you! J. L. Burrows

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