3 Steps to Learning Something New

It’s nigh impossible to grow without trying new things, and as a self-started author entrepreneur, I’ve spent some serious time learning and trying new things. It doesn’t matter how old you are – you can learn. Learning isn’t dependent on age or having a teacher. It’s dependent upon having an attitude of learning, continuing to

Why I wrote Hunted by Darkness

Hunted by Darkness started out as Predestined and was my response to the world. First, it was my response to my students regarding what ailed the world. I couldn’t explain it to them. Not the real nuts and bolts of what made this world tick, and it drives me crazy every day when I see

Want to Succeed?

I met this lady who could plan the problems out of her life – or so she thought. Truth is, you can’t plan your problems away, but there is a lot you can plan for, and it will make an immense difference in what you can accomplish and the quality of your life overall.  There