Why I Write Christian Fantasy Fiction.

As a Christian reader, I found myself drifting toward non-Christian books after high school. I no longer had my mother feeding me good Christian novels, and the covers and overall marketing were catchy. Plus, it was what my friends were reading. Thus, I fell into several of the popular movements and was surprised when my heart started to feel down.

I know. It should have been obvious. Hangs head.

Add all this to the fact that I discovered I really love reading fantasy, but it is becoming an increasingly dark market, and I knew I had a problem.

But I love fantasy!

AND I thought Christian Fantasy was washed out. It was preachy. Church didn’t fit in my fantasy. Right?


But first let me tell you about some life changing Christian Fantasy Fiction, I’ve had the pleasure of benefitting from.

One of the best books my mother ever handed to me was Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness. In fact, it was the inspiration behind Hunted by Darkness. It’s impact on my life had a ripple effect that exists even today thirty years later. It was my first foray into the world of truth delivered in fiction, and I loved it. But I hadn’t developed the sense back then, I blame it on an underdeveloped frontal lobe, to start seeking these types of books out.

This book taught me about the spiritual world. A world I believed existed. A world the church and preachers, including my father, spoke about in passing. Angels and demons are very real, but the message in church seemed to be – we don’t talk about that. It was almost taboo. Maybe because they didn’t understand it (no one does), or maybe because they didn’t want to fall into some kind of temptation (angel worship). I’m not one hundred percent sure, but it’s been interesting to me throughout my life of going to church, that most preachers don’t spend hardly any time on this topic. At least none I’ve had.

But as a young person I struggled with this concept, and as Frank Peretti’s book brought this very real world to life for me, I began to really delve into my spiritual health and well being and that of those around me.

A second Christian Fantasy Fiction book I want to tell you about is one that I’ve never read. The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsay has had some wild reviews both for and against it. My pastor currently seems to despise this book, but I couldn’t be more grateful for it. If Hal Lindsay hadn’t written this book, and my father not receive it as a gift, I wouldn’t be a Christian today. It’s witness changed the trajectory of my dad’s life, and thus the lives of everyone he’s come in contact with since. And that’s a ton!

So I write Christian Fantasy Fiction because I believe it is a mission field for the lost and the young. Is it TRUE, no it’s fiction – add Jesus taught in parables. We learn a lot from the fictional stories we read, and it is important that young people who love fantasy have a clean and healthy option to dive into and grow from.

I also write because I can’t tell my students what I believe. I can’t tell them in class what the real problem is with everything. Sin. We live in a fallen world. I can’t tell them there is a savior who desperately wants to save them, to heal them, to bring them home to love and hope forever.

So, I write it for all of my students. I write them for the future dads out there. I write it because someone out there needs to read it, and I pray every day that it gets into the hands that will be touched by it.

Finally, I write it because the truth of the Christian faith is – we are at spiritual war, and most days, it feels like we are walking around unaware. It’s like the enemy has so successfully distracted us with the business, the blinding small problems, the illnesses that we forget we are the sons and daughters of the Most High God. And so, I want to bring awareness to the real issues at hand.

Our eyes need not be on the pandemic or the war in the Ukraine or even the rising prices at the pumps and everywhere else. The only thing that will have any power to create change in our lives and the lives around us is prayer and the power of Jesus’s name.


J. L. Burrows


  1. Reply

    I completely agree – Christian fiction is so important, including the oft-forbidden “speculative” genres like fantasy and sci-fi! I grew up in a household where mostly secular books were a thing, so I really didn’t KNOW how much good Christian fiction there was out there until I grew up and found Jesus. And then there was a whole other struggle – like a lot of new converts I was terrified of having to discern these things, and I ended up in a reading slump. I really am not into romance / Amish fiction and I kind of assumed that’s all that there was for Christians, but that’s so not the case. The Lord of The Rings helped me to remember that Christian books can point to God in subtle ways, too. Now of course I’m way more open to reading and writing in this genre and I have found some gems. Have you read Patrick Carr’s the Sword and the Staff series? My husband and I both LOVED that one. <3 Anyway, I am rambling on, God bless you.

    • jlburrows


      Stefanie! Thank you for your response. You have an excellent point about the difficulties for new Christians and navigating the difficult world around us. I love a thread of romance, but a book built around the single purpose of romance, well, I’m right there beside you. I remember my Mom giving me Amish fiction. It was interesting because it was a different world than mine, but I wouldn’t go out and buy the book for myself. I’m so happy you are open to reading and writing in this genre! I have Patrick Carr’s book The Shock of Night! I hope I enjoy it as much as you and your husband enjoyed his other books. I’ve not read the Sword and the Staff series. I’ll go look it up. Please know your rambling message as you put it was an absolute blessing to my heart to find on here. Thank you for taking the time to reach out! Blessings, J. L. Burrows

  2. Dwayne


    The behind the scenes of The Burrows Family. Glad to connect with a real live writer of book’s and blogs.

    Excellent testimony. I’ll have to read Hal Lindsey’s book. Heard of it since I was 16. Pigs In The Parlor another I want to read.

    How is Bob? Cancer can be healed.

    The reason I joined your blog is because I have started to write and have always written about things since I was 15. Unfortunately, I lost my journals.

    I’m taking a course in copywriting. Paid a lot for it too.

    So I get to see a real author at work and you are someone my family knows and we know your parents, Bod and Linda.

    • jlburrows


      Dwayne! Fancy finding you on here! Thank you for responding. I’m so happy you are considering writing! I hate that you lost your journals, but I hope the memories live inside of you, and you can pull them to the surface with practice. I’ve thought about looking into copywriting, but I love writing fiction. You’ll have to tell me how things go! Dad is doing okay. Treatment begins soon. We are all praying for him, and we’d love to have you join us in prayer for him. Funny thing – I haven’t read Hal Lindsey’s book. You’ll have to tell me what you think. I’m certainly glad it made such an impact on my father! Thank you for taking the time to reach out! Blessings, J. L. Burrows

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