Book Mail and 5 Ways You Can Help an Author

Spring in Middle Tennessee!

Look what I’ve got! I’ve ordered a bunch of copies of both of my Balance Keeper Series books for my upcoming book signing (picture above). You can watch my box opening on Instagram @jlburrowsauthor. I’m trying to find a way to make room on my bookshelves to put my books! Eeek! 

I’m overjoyed to have met a new author bestie this week! Maria messaged me to see if I wanted to participate in an author takeover June 4th! I was thrilled! It has been amazing to chat with and support so many great YA Fantasy authors. If you haven’t checked them out, be sure to do so soon!

Maria Henriksen
A.J. Skelly 
Ashley Bustamante
Candice Yamnitz

My husband has installed the first step to our new patio/raised bed garden/firepit! I’m so excited to plant new flowers in it.

Current Summer Agenda Update:
After the Darkness May-July: I’m seven thousand words in and full steam ahead. I still anticipate an end of July release. However, I’m not pulling the date up until after most of the work is done and my health continues to hold. 
Hints of Darkness The NEW cover is finished, and I’ve decided on characters for the new short stories that will make up my new YA Fantasy anthology. If you have any teens that would like to see their name in a book – LET ME KNOW! 🙂 Planning is underway. Writing June-July.
Shadows Calling – a new middle grade trilogy. I’m homing in on a potential cover design and am thinking of using a previous cover designer. I plan on starting revisions after finishing the first draft of After the Darkness. May-July

FAMILY: Prom was amazing! I love that my homeschooled kids get to experience some of the key milestones of school life. 

READING: I’m finishing Skyward by Brandon Sanderson tonight, and I totally recommend it! I borrowed mine from the library – so you might try that. 

1. Reviews are essential to author success! Right now Rulers of Darkness needs your help. If you’ve read book two in my Balance Keeper Series, please leave a review! You can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. Help another reader find my books!
2. Another way to help would be to forward my For More Fantasy emails to a friend!
3. Or you could simply tell a friend about my books! Word of mouth has unlimited power. 
4. And if you haven’t yet – go ahead and grab a copy today! And remember, they are free with Kindle Unlimited. 
5. Finally, it is beyond helpful when you share images like the one above. Let me know if you share this, and be entered into a drawing for a free ebook of Rulers of Darkness. Remember to use the following hashtags #balancekeepersseries #rulersofdarkness #huntedbydarkness and tag me @jlburrowsauthor on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok.

No matter how you do it, your help means the world to me. When you share my book stuff, especially when you include how it made you feel, I am inspired by every like, share, review, and comment, and it helps other readers find me. Writing can be a lonely business. 

REMINDER: If you just signed up for my For More Fantasy, remember, you will be receiving a Friday (sometimes Saturday if I’m too tired or the next week if I forget. Sorry. It happens!) welcome email for the first 4 weeks you subscribe. Then, you’ll receive this weekly Wednesday For More Fantasy Email. Keep an eye out for my emails, and reply to let me know you are out there. 

May you be blessed with many reasons to praise!

J. L. Burrows

I write YA paranormal / fantasy thrillers, love my two kiddos and two shiapoos, and drink too much herbal tea. My teenage son thinks I’m a bookaholic and my almost teenage daughter thinks I’m boring. Ahem! They aren’t both right!!! However, if you like these things too, consider joining my super dedicated facebook group

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