Today’s Writing Session 1/2/2019

Sat down at 5 to write, and immediately got distracted by social media. I had decided earlier today, to set a timer on Google to keep me honest when I write my solid hour on my WIP/Revisions, and to stay away from Social Media. The Google timer helped a lot, and I paused it every time the kids interrupted or when dinner time was called, because everyone has to stop and eat.

Twenty minutes revising Predestined, book 1 in the trilogy. I’m on page 72 of 110, and every time I write, the book gets LONGER! Totally not my intention, but reality is, I add to fix! I hope that means there are a lot of holes, and not that I’m just talking in circles around the problems. It’s really time that I find a writer buddy.

Then, 40 minutes revising and rereading/acquainting myself with Concealed, book 3 in the trilogy. I wrote this one for NaNoWriMo, and I am in love with the plotline! I can’t wait to get to writing the new material, but I first have to remember where I left off, and then plot out the second half of the story. I usually only do half of the plot at a time, that way if the story goes sideways I am ready to flow with it. Inspiration needs room and time to percolate and transpire.

Regarding Social Media, I’m trying to stay away from the sucking vacuum. I got really hurt today to find out so many of my friends and family do not follow me on Instagram. I really don’t care. I swear! But then, as I was looking at it, I began to care more and more. It was stupid. People should get to choose whomever they want to follow. So, hence, a break! No more flipping between writing and Instagram and Twitter.

So my NEW YEAR’S schedule looks new!

I’m going to Instagram my daily devotion in the morning and copy to Twitter and Facebook. I’ll check back in during TV with the kids on Social Media.

For my blog, yup that’s you guys, I’ll be writing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and 1 day on the weekend probably Saturdays.

For my articles, I’ll be writing those on Sundays.

Every day will have 60-minutes of protected writing, 20 for revisions, and 40 for writing WIP.

Patreon will get updated every Saturday – 12 Keys to Successful Writing, a series of articles addressing successful writing habits – AND – Building an Author’s Platform, Stages and Steps, will be updated on Sundays.

Every day will end in a query, and each week I commit to reading one chapter out of a craft book. First up Story Engineering. It’s a lot, but I can do it!

Well, that’s all for today! I’m excited to embark on this New Year with you all, and please, please leave me comments cheering me on!


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