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Mastering the Twitterverse – Part Three

Recently, I’ve noticed a fall in engagement. People aren’t following me as often. I studied my tweets and campaign and realized a few things I wasn’t maximizing on.


Don’t just send tweets out there and think it will pay dividends. You need to know when people are on Twitter, and when they are engaging with posts.

Current statistics are showing 12, 3, 5, and 6 are the best times to post.

I use to schedule my tweets during those times. I schedule 4 a day, and I use my branding to help me decide what to tweet about. (If you want me to go into branding, let me know and I’ll write a post about that too.)

For now, I’m only scheduling my tweets for weekdays because I have time on the weekends to be more authentic. I’m also working on branding during the workweek, so it is easier to schedule those tweets because they follow a theme.

In case you didn’t know, Wednesday is the highest engagement day of the week. Since you are only supposed to “sell” 10% of your posts/items, Wednesday is the day you should “sell.” I use quotation marks because the reality is anytime you want a person to click a link, you are selling. If you want them to go to your blog, signup for your newsletter, like/comment/retweet, etc you are selling. It isn’t reserved for just books.

The other 90% of the time you should be adding value to the community and your readers.


  1. Reply

    What do you feel about social media platforming really? I mean to me it’s pointless. Nobody says. ‘I want something to read. I know I’ll have a look on FB or twitter to find a book.’ do they? so we will never sell books that way. UNless our publishers get our books on bookshelves, we will remain invisible no matter how much we do on FB and Twitter, right?

    • jlburrows


      Mason, thank you for asking this question. I feel social media platforming is essential to success. I agree with you that I’ve never gone to Facebook or Instagram to buy a book, but I’m not everyone, and I don’t think the platform works that way. In my opinion, the platform is more like networking, getting to know people, sharing resources, showing who you are, and then the result comes from sales on Amazon or at book stores or through getting a book deal.

      There is truth in the fact that without a product to sell we cannot sell, but if you apply good marketing and branding on your social media platforms you can become very visible and successful even before your books are published.

      I hope this helps!

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