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Twitter and the Twitterverse Part 2

Here are some steps I took to get started on a successful Twitter platform growth campaign:

5th Lesson and Assignment: Oftentimes on Twitter there will be wildly popular posts that are copied by multiple people that are trying to maximize on another person’s success. This is inauthentic and will not provide returns to the copycats. The post will be inauthentic and followers gained by it will eventually unfollow because the content wasn’t truly yours, to begin with. Assignment: Sit down and think about what embodies you as an author and your next book you want to promote. Write down ten words that come to mind. Use these ten words to build your brand and develop authenticity in your campaign and marketing. Use it for EVERY SINGLE TWEET. 

6th Lesson and Assignment: So many people participate in pitch events to find an agent, and that is a valid reason to participate, but I find the real reward in these events is to network and find other people who are like you. #pitmad and #pitchwars and #pwpoeprompts are all coming up soon or in effect right now. Assignment: Join one. Doesn’t matter what stage of writing you are in. Join one. Have questions – DM me and I’ll help you!

Here’s the link to pitch wars main site so that you can begin to research if it is a fit for you. I met so many wonderful people last year, that I’m excited to participate this year. For more info:

7th Lesson and Assignment: 

My writing group is a place where you can ask questions, we also have prompts that I post and you can retweet and comment on your group’s tweets. I created a list so that I can see all of their tweets easily and like and retweet as often as possible.

8th Lesson and Assignment:  There is a lot of confusion on Twitter about followers, politics, and unfollowers. I have a few principles that have really helped me navigate these muddy waters.

Principle 1 – If it doesn’t pertain to my 10 words, my book, or myself I don’t comment. Politics, religion, anger, and hate will all roll by you on Twitter, don’t even wave as it passes you by. Ignore it. You have a purpose and a plan, so please don’t allow those tweets to redirect you from your goals.

Principle 2 – Followers and Engagement. Yes, it is good to engage. It is amazing! But you cannot possibly communicate daily with 40k people. Yet, research states that you need around 40k followers to catch the eye of a publisher. (I know that isn’t completely true and many have defied that thought, however, I choose to call that my goal) That said. It is impossible to talk to 40k people a day individually. So don’t put that on yourself. If you do you will never break out of the hundreds. Think of engagement like Walmart. Come in, browse, get what you need and want done, but walk past what you don’t need or want. Don’t allow engagement to intimidate or control you.

Principle 3 – Unfollowers. So many people will follow you and then unfollow you. Pay them ZERO mind. I use an app to track unfollowers on Instagram (My next two posts will be about Instagram), but really your best bet is to unfollow if you can figure out who it is, but if you can’t try your best to let it roll off your shoulders. It is going to happen, and you just can’t allow it to hurt your feelings. You are embarking on starting your own business as an author and there are many people out there that can be very unpleasant. You be you. Let them be them. It all comes out in the wash in the end. Assignment: Get an app to track unfollowers.

REMEMBER: Don’t post – lose followers. Post a lot – gain followers.

Twitter is, in my opinion, the easier of the big three. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Remember to post things that are real, off the cuff, ironic, or witty. Decide on what you are going to tweet about using your 10 words, and plan 3-5 posts a day if you can.  

Twitter makes sense to me. Let me know if you have any questions! I’m happy to help!

Jennifer Lynn Burrows


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    Another useful post about twitter here. I always struggle to know what to tweet, so I usually end up with negatives about writing in mine or nothing at all.

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