Building an Author’s Platform

Twitter and the Twitterverse:

Here are some steps I took to get started on a successful Twitter platform growth campaign:

1st Lesson and Assignment: Twitter is run by hashtags. You HAVE to use them or your tweets are meaningless motes floating in the Twitterverse air. The most powerful writing # <- hashtag is #writingcommunity. Use this in EVERY SINGLE TWEET. 

2nd Lesson and Assignment: Join a hashtag event. I’m doing #PWPoePrompts. If you go to the search engine on the top right of the Twitter screen and type in #PWPoePrompts you can see a visual of what those prompts are. Each day you post one tweet that goes under that theme. Below is a graphic of the posts. You might not want to do PitchWars, but these hashtag prompt activities are a great way to build community and meet like-minded writers. So you should get involved. 

Everything I write is otherworldly so you will have to pick hashtag events that work for your writing. Here’s the link to pitch wars main site so that you can begin to research if it is a fit for you. I met so many wonderful people last year, that I’m excited to participate this year. For more info:

3rd Lesson and Assignment:  Join a writing group. Mine is Writing Squad. You can check us out by searching our hashtag the same way you searched the above hashtag. Like and comment as you feel. #writingsquad

You can read the intros of all the group members by searching the following hashtag #writingsquadintros.

My writing group is a place where you can ask questions, we also have prompts that I post and you can retweet and comment on your group’s tweets. I created a list so that I can see all of their tweets easily and like and retweet as often as possible.

My motto for the group is “we rise together.”

4th Lesson and Assignment:  Twitter is fueled and followers are gained by regular posting. Check out my feed. Look at how often I post and look at how often others post. It’s a consistency thing.

Don’t post – lose followers.

Post a lot – gain followers.

It’s a lot more simple than you think. Post things that are real, off the cuff, ironic, or witty. Decide on what you are going to tweet but plan 3-5 a day if you can.  

Twitter makes sense to me. Let me know if you have any questions! I’m happy to help!

Jennifer Lynn Burrows


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