The Invading Darkness: A Young Adult Christian Fantasy Anthology Prequel to the Balance Keeper Series

In present day North Carolina, darkness claws through a parallel realm, entering sleepy southern Asheville to infect the young and susceptible.

Will a group of unlikely teens overcome the attacks or become puppets on Darkness’ stage?

At first, evil’s touch is invisible: a sour attitude on a hot summer day. Evie senses something off in the hospital treatment center shadows, an evil hidden, whispering to passersby. Busy caring for her sick brother during his chemo, she can’t tell if darkness is a figment of her overtired imagination or something worse.

As the demonic darkness grows, it seeks new prey—its need for destruction increasing. In a sense, James lost both of his parents. Now, he’s lost Evie to her brother’s illness. When would enough be enough?

A run in with an explosive James, leaves Callie battling intrusive thoughts. Emotions take hold of her, but she bumps into Caleb and is relieved to find her burden has lifts.

Caleb loves Evie a little more each day, but the girl hardly notices him. It makes sense. She’s taking care of her brother. When he turns the corner and bumps into Callie a sudden insidious presence threatens to make subtle changes to his thinking and his feelings.

The legions’ numbers are increasing, attacks manifesting, and the town is under siege. Will the faithful stand firm even in the darkness, or will they fall to the predator among them?

Delve into these action-packed stories of adventure, speculative fantasy, despair, and the true value of family and friendship. Track the movement of spiritual attacks as events lead up to the fateful day when all Hell breaks loose in Hunted by Darkness book one in the Balance Keeper Series.


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