Illuminating the Darkness: Book 4 in the Balance Keeper Series

Every good deed comes with a price. Why does it have to be so hard to live an honorable life?

Balance Keepers are sworn to protect humanity from the rising demonic darkness, but Evie’s team struggles to keep their focus on the war. Illness strikes too close for comfort in Evie’s family. James can’t keep his eyes off Rhia. Rhia is barely competent with her gift and is determined to become a master against demonic warfare.

As the team approaches the final battle everything seems to grow darker, stronger, more catastrophic. After a dangerous battle, their team comes back injured, forcing them to work closely and fight carefully against an overwhelming enemy.

When the battle lines blur and innocent children are the demons’ target, passions rise and individual needs must fall to the wayside.

But knowing failure’s cost, these warriors stand in the gap and fight. With the spiritual war escalating to a fevered pitch, will they fulfill their calling before all Hell breaks loose?

If you love apocalyptic battles, angelic epics and fearsome warriors, you’ll love Evie and the Balance Keepers.


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