Hunted by Darkness: Book 1 in the Balance Keeper Series

Angels are real. Demons devour children.

In an act of utter stupidity, Evie defies her parents sneaking out to her first date. A moment stolen for a bit of happiness. Coming out from under her brother’s terrifying battle with cancer has not been easy. She wants to live her life to the fullest, for once. Instead, the demons were ready, waiting, and pounced, marking her as one of their own.

Now, they’re coming for her, threatening her family, forcing them all to go in different directions. Her brother will stay with her parents under the watchful eye of the Sentinel angels who will guard them. Hiding from the demons, Evie trains with warrior angels to fight in a war she barely understands.

When the demon’s establish a stronghold in James, her first date, her elemental gift comes to life.

But even with her new found family of warriors, the demons kidnap her brother. Will Evie master becoming a strong elemental warrior in time to fight the demons and save everyone she loves?

If you love apocalyptic battles, angelic epics and fearsome warriors, you’ll love Evie and the Balance Keepers.


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