After the Darkness: Book 3 in the Balance Keeper Series

In a chance meeting, she awakens his heart, only to steal it when another forcefully removes her. Can he overcome his brokenness to rescue her?

James can’t return to the torturous underworld. Never. Thankfully, his team battles the surge of evil pouring through the thinning barrier between realms. But dark forces threaten to reclaim him, and he struggles to forget the girl’s haunting brown eyes. The team can’t drop everything for one girl, not when the world is at stake, but his heart wants to demand otherwise.

There‚Äôs no way anyone will find Rhia, no hope of rescue. Kidnapped and beyond afraid, she doesn’t dare say anything to anyone. She should have reached for help when she had the chance. Now, she’s seen too much and will never be free again.

Will James risk everything to save her and maybe even himself?

If you love wounded characters in need of healing love, a good comeback hero, and love found on opposite sides of the track, then you’ll love the apocalyptic battles, angelic epics, and fearsome warriors in J. L. Burrows Balance Keeper Series.

Grab your copy today to find out if some wounds really are too deep to heal.


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