Rulers of Darkness: Book 2 in the Balance Keeper Series

Born for battle.
Tasked with stopping Hell unleashed on Earth.
Can she defeat the demons wreaking havoc in her mind and the mortal realm?

Finally settled into the role of team leader, Evie isn’t ready for everything to fall to pieces again. But her lost teammate’s whispers haunt her nightmares.

When the torment morphs into visions by day, she begins to question if he is still alive. Or is it just a distraction? Her team is the last barrier against the rising threat of Hell unleashed upon the defenseless mortal realm. With a demon king planning the apocalyptic end of both the spiritual and physical realms, how could she not risk everything, even those she loves, to save their future?

Can Evie stop the Devil and save all planes of reality from annihilation or is this really the end of everything?

If you love apocalyptic battles, angelic epics and fearsome warriors, you’ll love J. L. Burrows.

Grab your copy today to find out if good can triumph over evil.


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